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In The Vicinity Straits of Malacca & Singapore
  1. 11Jul 2021
    Oil Spill After Containership and Bulk Carrier Collide in Straits of Malacca
    (MV Zephyr Lumos & MV Galapagos)
  2. 23Nov 2020
    Container Ship Strike Grounded Vessel Off Indonesia. <view video>
    (MV Tina 1 & MV Shahraz)
  3. 10May 2020
    Grounding of MV Shahraz and MV Samudra Sakti at Batu Berhanti after avoiding a tug and barge. <view video>
    (MV Shahraz, MV Samudra Sakti)
  4. 14Jan 2019 Pipelayer MV Star Centurion T-Boned by Tanker Off Singapore
    (MV Star Centurion & MT Antea)
  5. 17Apr 2018
    Accident Final Report - MV Crystal Sunrise & Astro Saturn
    by Transport Safety Investigation Bureau, MOT Singapore
  6. 21Aug 2017
    US Destroyer Collision in Malacca Straits: 10 sailors missing, 5 injured
  7. 4Aug 2017
    Hormuz and Malacca Remains Oil Chokepoints
  8. 4Aug 2016
    Iranian Supertanker Collides with Giant MSC Boxships in Singapore Straits
    (VLCC Dream II & MV MSC Alexandra)
  9. 17Dec 2015
    MT Stolt Commitment Collided with MV Thorco Cloud
  10. 11Feb 2014
    Container Ship Collided with A Chemical Tanker in Singapore Straits
  11. 29Dec 2013
    Two Giants Collided: MV Hanjin Italy vs MV Al Gharaffa in Malacca Straits
    (MV Hanjin Italy, Container Ship & MV MV AL Gharaffa, LNG Carrier)
  12. 21Aug 2009
    MV Formosa Brick Product Tanker Fire - Incident Photos of The Week
    (MV Formosa Brick Product & MV Ostende Max)
  13. 20Aug 2009
    Nine Missing After Oil Tanker Collided with Bulk Carrier
    (MV Formosa Brick Product & Ostende Max)

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